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I have the utmost respect for roofers. Have you ever seen them do their work? They are up on top of the roof of someone’s house, sometimes in the pouring down rain, with ropes wrapped around them hammering and banging away making the most awful racket and doing things that make the ends of my fingers and toes tingle. I guess you can’t be afraid of heights at all if you are a roofer. I used to be a canvasser for a local non-profit and I would walk around these neighborhoods raising money for the services we provided in this non-profit. One day when I was out walking around this neighborhood all day, these roofers were working super hard on this gigantic house. They were on these super steep and slanted roofs and pounding away, working so hard. They were strapped into to their harnesses and still I was so nervous for them. That day was very overcast and rainy. It was during the summer when we often got the afternoon or evening thunderstorm and this day would be so exception. The clouds started to get darker and had a more menacing look to them. I was really nervous for the people doing the roofing work, but they didn’t seem to be phased by the clouds coming in. I was worried enough for all of them, I think. Then the lightning started off in the distance. Being a person like I am that minds my own business, I went up to one of the men who was on the ground looking up at the roof and making sure they were doing their job alright and asked him if they would be coming down any time soon. He said as soon as they saw that the lightning was closer, they would get down. I looked around me and I thought the lightning seemed plenty close enough for them to get down, but it didn’t seem to phase them. They just kept working really hard. Even though canvassing was a very hard job, in that moment I was grateful I was on the street doing that and not on the roof doing what they were doing in the lightning, rain and thunder. The man explained to me that people were paying good money to get their roof repairedand thatthe rain coming in was going to leak into their house if they didn’t get their roof fixed as soon as possible. That did make sense to me though I secretly thought the people in this house were sacrificing the safety of their roofers for their own luxury but perhaps I don’t know the extent of what damage could be done to a home with a leaky roof. Still the man I was talking to seemed to have full confidence in the safety of his men and he seemed to have a grasp on the storm coming in. I am not sure if he had a knack for guessing weather patterns or if roofers are supposed to take a course in storm tracking.